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Yield ratios

Yield ratios refer to the numerical relationships between the number of candidates who progress through various stages of the recruitment process and the number of candidates who successfully complete each stage. These ratios are essential for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment efforts, helping HR professionals make data-driven decisions to optimize their hiring processes.

If a company receives 100 applications for a job posting, screens 50 of them, conducts interviews with 20 candidates, and ultimately hires 5 employees, the yield ratios would be as follows:

  • Application to Screening Yield Ratio: 100 applications / 50 screenings = 2:1
  • Screening to Interview Yield Ratio: 50 screenings / 20 interviews = 2.5:1
  • Interview to Hire Yield Ratio: 20 interviews / 5 hires = 4:1

These yield ratios provide insights into the effectiveness of each stage in the hiring process, helping HR teams identify bottlenecks or areas that may need improvement.

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