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Management Styles

Management Styles refer to the diverse approaches and methods that managers employ to lead and supervise their teams within the human resources industry. These styles can vary in their level of authority, communication, and decision-making, shaping how managers interact with employees and achieve organizational goals.


  1. Autocratic Style: In this style, managers make decisions independently, with limited employee input. They exercise strict control over tasks and expect compliance.
  2. Democratic Style: Managers encourage team participation in decision-making, valuing employee input and collaboration to reach a consensus.
  3. Laissez-Faire Style: Managers take a hands-off approach, allowing employees substantial freedom to make decisions and manage their work.
  4. Transformational Style: Managers inspire and motivate employees through a shared vision, fostering innovation and personal growth.
  5. Transactional Style: Managers focus on structured processes, rewards, and consequences to manage and motivate employees.
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